One comment on “FAITH: Mercy and Grace

  1. Hi Dean.

    Herein I believe lies the whole problem with this new grace story. Having studied it very carefully & listened to may preachers on it since it came up some 5 years ago.

    For 45 yrs since salvation I believed it to be the following & thought everyone thought the same until 5 years ago.

    Mercy triumphs over judgement says the Word. It’s God withholding judgment when judgment is deserved.

    An excellent example is the woman caught in adultery. She should have been judged according to the law but the Lord Jesus had mercy..judgment was withheld.

    Grace is Gods ability.

    Paul preached by grace .. the ability God gives.

    Saved by grace.. what God does

    Every time grace is mentioned in the bible it is an action of God.

    Favor is an action of God it’s not ever passive

    Mercy is passive

    Grace is a verb…a doing word we were taught at school.

    Where sin does abound grace (Gods ability/power to not sin) doth much more abound

    Come to the throne of grace to find mercy (not to be judged for what I deserve to be judged for) & grace to help (help me not to do/not do what I need mercy for)

    Grace & truth came with the Lord Jesus, why? To help us do what we couldn’t & cant do.

    We live BY grace.. By the ability God gives.

    The law that the “grace preachers” trash is the very New Covenant.

    “I will remove the heart of stone & replace it with a heart of flesh & I will write my laws & commands on your heart & CAUSE YOU TO WLK IN THEM..THAT’S GRACE. Gods causing.motivating, giving his ability.

    The grace guys have got it right to a point. We have to believe, get out thoughts right, believe the right thing Dean, but that’s not the whole story.

    Were save by grace THRU FAITH.

    We have to have faith. The devil also believes the right thing but doesn’t have faith & most importantly faith is action, it’s not passive, its evidence.substance.

    Yes, many then do stuff without faith & hope for approval. That’s wrong.

    Christianity is not just about believing, it’s about faith action which pleases God & His grace (His action in our lives) is sufficient.

    Grace is found at the throne of grace, it’s not like mercy that’s for everyone all the time till it’s removed. Go to the throne & find grace.

    When OT saints found grace they always asked for something. Check it out in scripture.

    This grace thing is a new deception that is loaded with truth, but it’s deception is not altogether in what they say, but in what they don’t say.

    You don’t need 40 hours to explain grace & nullify the law.

    The law is an expression of the grace of God.

    Read King Davids psalms & see how he found God thru the law as he meditated on it. He had a wonderful relationship with God & was a man after God’s heart.

    Theres much to be said about Gods commands & His grace. It was never meant to save or get man favor with god. It was there so man could live with each other, nothing to do with salvation. It was good & still is that’s why it’s the basis of the New Covenant.

    A small example of commands being grace. if a sign next to a cliff says don’t pass & you ignore it you will find the hard way the law of gravity. The sign is the councils grace so you don’t get hurt. All the laws are like that. Don’t be fooled, God is not mocked, whatsoever you sow you will reap.

    God tells us to go preach the gospel & make disciples teaching them to OBEY ALL HE COMMANDED them.

    It’s a gospel of salvation in all it’s facets preached BY grace. Dying to self & rising with Christ

    Grace is a subject to be taught but it’s not a gospel of grace.

    With the present mindset of grace, I do nothing, no repentance, just a change of mind, no death to self, not “taking off & putting on” no obedience, no reaching out, no “violently taking it by force” ..take up your cross daily & a million other things. Just sit back, think right about who you are & God does it.

    Far too much “who I am” when the whole bible is about who He is. It’s who He is in me , not so much who I am in Him. The focus is all wrong.

    Sorry, so much to say, so little space & time

    Be Blessed



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